Our Awards

Gippsland Business Awards 2011

Winner – New Business Category

We were thrilled to receive this Award and we know that we are travelling along the road to success.

Some people tried to tell us we were too old to start a new business.

We didn’t listen.

Yes there has been, and will be some potholes on the journey,….

However with passion and commitment we can avoid these obstacles, because success is a journey not a destination.

We want to acknowledge our staff Pearl, Mark and Rhiannon,… for without these people we would not have a business.


Gippsland Business Awards 2010

We entered these awards in hope of reaching the finals, and we did!

We are proud of our achievements in our first year of business, and next year we hope to go one better.

It was a very fruitful exercise in presenting our submission, and we have certainly learnt a lot about what we have started with EGBS, and ourselves.

The awards process gave us insight into how we conduct our business, and where we can improve our processes and interact better with the East Gippsland Community.

We recommend that other companies enter these awards, which will allow them to see the benefits of involvement, and a glimpse of how the community perceives their business.


Building Commission C.P.D. Awards 2009

The Awards ceremony was held in March 2010 at the new headquarters of the Building Commission which is known as "The Goods Shed" at 733 Bourke Street, Docklands.

This historic building, constructed in 1889 for a cost of 72,900 pounds sterling (about $8 mill. in today's dollars) was used for the transportation of goods all over Victoria by rail.

Malcolm is the fourth from the left, standing next to MP Justin Madden, the Minister for Planning.

award frame