Our Values / Our Ethics


We consider that when you engage a Building Surveyor, you are entering into a partnership (as well as a contract) where we work with you, not against, to ensure that the job is completed in accordance with the Regulations, and the Building Code of Australia.
For us it's not just permits and "give us your money," we are happy to become involved, give advice, explain a regulation, or suggest how you can solve a problem.


Everyone wants people to turn up on time for an inspection, and sometimes this is hard to co-ordinate due to the unknown nature of time it may take to inspect certain building sites.
If you want a guarantee of inspection time, then we suggest you book early and ensure it's the first inspection for the day,.....then we can guarantee our inspector  will be there.


We like to think we are passionate about the building industry.
If you need to have a weekend inspection then we will  be there. It's not just another inspection, it's our passion for your project, no matter what the size.


We would like to think that we act in a professional manner at all times, so if you have an issue with any aspect of our service you should contact Malcolm and let him know of any issues you may have.

Respect & Integrity

Respect is earned, we all know that but integrity, that's more about the person.
It can be seen in how they act honestly, truthfully and the code of honour that they live by. It's not something we dwell on, but it's something we see in others and appreciate.